Do I matter??

No! I don’t matter! The point isn’t to depress you or me. I am not that important.? The central issue is, I don’t matter. It is a delusion to think that I matter, that I am powerful or weak. Denial holds me in delusions.

What does matter? The planet, soils, water, air, & life matters.

I will vanish, unremembered, like the dust on the wind that blows across fallow farmland or swept away by the ocean currents. No one will remember me, not family, friends, community, soil, air, water, flowers, vegetables, will remember me. Not a star in the universe will weep a tear.

What does matter? The planet, soils, water, air, & life matters. What I do during my life is what matters. Was I happy, sad, afraid, or angry? Did I have values worthy of being taught to the younger generations, and did I show them well??Did I write anything worthy of being read??

If my thoughts, actions, and my values matter then my life has meaning.?


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Comment by Loren Miller 8 hours ago

Actually, Joan, YEAH, you DO matter ... because YOU are the origin of the thoughts, actions and values you have expressed throughout your life.? You matter in your advocacy of "the planet, soils, air" ... and YOUR LIFE is the mechanism which drives that advocacy.? You've absolutely mattered to me in the advice you've given and your commentary on what I've shared here.? Your presence and uniqueness has enlivened Atheist Nexus beyond any doubt.

You matter to me.? Don't let anyone tell you different.

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