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Religion has so many connections to political and economic beliefs, there needs to be a place to identify linkages, problems, goals, options, action plans and evaluation criteria. ?

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What is the purpose of life?

An eternal question, what is the purpose of life?, occupied philosophers’ thoughts throughout history. Stone pictographs reveal even primitive peoples reflected on this query. Each one has the capacity to define his or her personal thinking about politics, economics and religion.

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Networks are too much pro-war

Started by Joan Denoo 12 hours ago. 0 Replies

Enough is Enough! We have been in wars since WW II ended and they chew up lives and cultures as if they were raw meat in the middle of a pack of wolves. We could be a nation that teaches cooperation, teamwork, community action. Even our games are…Continue

Tags: teamwork, community, action., cooperation, cultures

Mike Pompeo DO NOT WANT

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Bertold Brautigan on Saturday. 2 Replies

Trực tuyến baccaratPompeo Discussed Rapture at CIAMike Pompeo seems to be associated with right wing Christian Anti-Muslim extremism.As the Senate considers…Continue

Tags: Christian Fundamentalism, Mike Pompeo

"Nothing Matters?" Think Again (Ari Melber – MSNBC)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Patricia Dec 27, 2018. 5 Replies

Donald Trump has attempted to make this the era of "nothing matters."? If shit happens, shrug it off and keep going, especially if it impacts someone else and not you, and keep leaning on those two words: NOTHING MATTERS.Well, that's not 100% right,…Continue

Tags: MSNBC, Ari Melber, nothing matters, Donald Trump

Global Tax on Fossil Fuel Needed

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Bergen Woods Dec 10, 2018. 1 Reply

Ralph Regenvanu and Avinash Persaud make perfect sense, arguing that current climate risk insurance policy practices are immoral.It's time for those who caused…Continue

Tags: victimization, immorality, fossil fuel industry

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Comment by Tom Sarbeck 5 hours ago

@Patricia: ... if [Trump supporters are] NOT stupid, we must turn to other explanations, and most of them are less flattering.

Don't forget how easily the demagogue Trump disposed of the Republican establishment candidates. What that says about them is less than flattering.

Sanders was running against the Democratic Establishment and they disposed of him. I'm a Green New Deal supporter.

Comment by Patricia 7 hours ago

An anguished question from a Trump supporter: "Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?"
The serious answer: Here’s what we really think about Trump supporters - the rich, the poor, the malignant and the innocently well-meaning, the ones who think and the ones who don't...
That when you saw a man who had owned a fraudulent University, intent on scamming poor people, you thought "Fine."
That when you saw a man who had made it his business practice to stiff his creditors, you said, "Okay."
That when you heard him proudly brag about his own history of sexual abuse, you said, "No problem."
That when he made up stories about seeing muslim-Americans in the thousands cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center, you said, "Not an issue."
That when you saw him brag that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and you wouldn't care, you chirped, "He sure knows me."
That when you heard him illustrate his own character by telling that cute story about the elderly guest bleeding on the floor at his country club, the story about how he turned his back and how it was all an imposition on him, you said, "That's cool!"
That when you saw him mock the disabled, you thought it was the funniest thing you ever saw.
That when you heard him brag that he doesn't read books, you said, "Well, who has time?"
That when the Central Park Five were compensated as innocent men convicted of a crime they didn't commit, and he angrily said that they should still be in prison, you said, "That makes sense."
That when you heard him tell his supporters to beat up protesters and that he would hire attorneys, you thought, "Yes!"
That when you heard him tell one rally to confiscate a man's coat before throwing him out into the freezing cold, you said, "What a great guy!"
That you have watched the parade of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with whom he curries favor, while refusing to condemn outright Nazis, and you have said, "Thumbs up!"
That you hear him unable to talk to foreign dignitaries without insulting their countries and demanding that they praise his electoral win, you said, "That's the way I want my President to be."
That you have watched him remove expertise from all layers of government in favor of people who make money off of eliminating protections in the industries they're supposed to be regulating and you have said, "What a genius!"
That you have heard him continue to profit from his businesses, in part by leveraging his position as President, to the point of overcharging the Secret Service for space in the properties he owns, and you have said, "That's smart!"
That you have heard him say that it was difficult to help Puerto Rico because it was the middle of water and you have said, "That makes sense."
That you have seen him start fights with every country from Canada to New Zealand while praising Russia and quote, "falling in love" with the dictator of North Korea, and you have said, "That's statesmanship!"
That Trump separated children from their families and put them in cages, managed to lose track of 1500 kids. has opened a tent city incarceration camp in the desert in Texas - he explains that they’re just “animals” - and you say, “well, ok then.”
That you have witnessed all the thousand and one other manifestations of corruption and low moral character and outright animalistic rudeness and contempt for you, the working American voter, and you still show up grinning and wearing your MAGA hats and threatening to beat up anybody who says otherwise.
What you don't get, Trump supporters, is that succumbing to frustration and thinking of you as stupid may be wrong and unhelpful, but it's also...hear me...charitable.
Because if you're NOT stupid, we must turn to other explanations, and most of them are less flattering.

Comment by Joan Denoo 10 hours ago

Refugees! 100? 1,000? 100,000? 1,000,000,000. What will be the number of refugees as the world's oceans rise, storms increase, disruption of effective and efficient governments makes everything worse? How will agriculture change? Will there be enough food for the entire world's population and will the distribution be fair and equitable?

These are only a few of the questions that will arise overshadowing the small group of people gathered at the southern border of the U.S. fleeing their countries because of corruption, asset shortages, and wars.?

Trump's wall will do nothing to answer any of these questions. Refugees from inside the U.S. will overwhelm our government. How will those who live on islands survive? How will populations who live on ocean shores thrive??

There must be no money spent on Trump's Wall! It is his version of "My wall is bigger than your wall;" shades of psychological dysfunction.?

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner 14 hours ago

This makes me sick.

The rich used to pay higher taxes to the government. Now, the government pays the rich interest on a swelling debt, caused largely by lower taxes on the rich. Which means a growing portion of everyone else’s taxes are now paying the rich interest on those loans, instead of paying for government services everyone needs.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Robert Reich

Robert Reich: Here’s the biggest untold story about how we pay for ...

Comment by Grinning Cat 16 hours ago

Agreed, Joan! If tRump weren't in his position of power, ignoring him entirely would have been the best course.

And for Loren, and many of us:?(bottle of Clorox Brain Bleach)

Comment by Loren Miller 17 hours ago

UGH ... there are somethings that just cannot be unseen!

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner 17 hours ago

image source

Mike Lukovich captures the moment.

Comment by Joan Denoo on January 4, 2019 at 3:24am

Grinning Cat! I love your three cartoons! ?I would ignore tRump if he did not cause so much pain and suffering.?

Comment by Loren Miller on January 3, 2019 at 12:13pm

The wall around Trump strikes me as the best idea yet, shades of The Cask of Amontillado.? All it lacks is Trump, pleading, "For the love of God, Montresor!" ... except that I'd bet Donnie doesn't even know who Edgar Allan Poe is!

Comment by Grinning Cat on January 3, 2019 at 11:52am

Happy new year! And back to irregularly scheduled political cartoons: (click to embiggen)

(In Washington DC) “...Trump wanted these to remain open during the shutdown.” (signs on federal buildings) U.S. Department of Vacancies; Office of Scary Third-Rate Hacks; Department of Mixed Foreign Policy Signals; Environmental Degradation Agency; National Park Sewers

“It's our compromise... we build the wall around Donald Trump, thus strengthening our national security!” (Trump walled in behind his desk in the Oval Office)

(Hopefully the wall is RF shielded too, so he can't tweet!)

Elizabeth Warren, running for president in 2020: “The core of my message is EQUALITY!” Republican elephant-man: “So divisive.” (Tiny elephant in the margin: “She’s trying to divide me from my privileges!”)


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