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Reasons For Why Trump Should Serve Out His Term

1. Mike Pence Mike Pence is a deranged depraved and immoral POS and he could prove more dangerous than Trump because he's smarter and more…

Started by Chuck Roast

0 on Monday

How Can We Make Trump Not Want Another Term?

Let me count the ways. I will appreciate your help. 1. More ridicule, more grandly given. (These can be counted too.) 2. (I’m working on it…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

2 on Sunday
Trực tuyến baccaratReply by Michael Penn

The Total Depravity Of Trump Supporters

Keep in mind that Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot didn't commit their crimes against humanity by themselves. They had lots and lots of help from…

Started by Chuck Roast

31 Dec 26, 2018
Reply by Joan Denoo

How Do the Left (Progressives) and the Right (Conservatives) Differ? Do Atheist Nexans Differ Similarly?

Today’s Left opposes Donald Trump; today’s Right supports him. (He too will pass, maybe before the 2020 elections.) In what other ways do t…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

2 Dec 20, 2018
Trực tuyến baccaratReply by Radix Salvilines

Our democracy? It is NOT, and we elect the predators who see us as their prey.

Prey? Yes. Predators? Get elected to a legislative body and get offers of money and more. The USA has never been a democracy. If your defe…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

28 Dec 20, 2018
Reply by Radix Salvilines

More Nails in the Coffin of Gerry(mandering) — A Victory for Optimism

Americans remain sharply divided at the ballot box, ... [b]ut?they consistently voted against one thing on Tuesday: gerrymandering. In Mic…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

3 Dec 17, 2018
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Extinction Rebellion Rising

Because 'Good Planets Are Hard to Find,' Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down London Bridges to Save Mother Earth Extinction Rebellion has sprea…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

4 Dec 16, 2018
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Class, Riots, and Climate

Over 282,700 French people, many clad in yellow vests, protested on foot while drivers blocked roads at about 2,000 places, causing miles o…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

16 Dec 14, 2018
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Democrats Finally Acknowledge Secular Voters

From Secular Coalition for America?citing Psychology Today: The recent midterm elections reflect the increasing clout of secular voters, a…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

1 Nov 28, 2018
Reply by Joan Denoo

How Did the GOP So Anger Its Base That They Rebelled And Voted for Trump?

Remember, the Tea Parties attacked the GOP establishment in 2008, years before Trump campaigned against them. How did the GOP anger its bas…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

8 Nov 20, 2018
Reply by Chuck Roast


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